Neopets Habitarium: A Fun Way to Earn Neopoints

Neopets Habitarium: A Fun Way to Earn Neopoints

By Rebecca and Wendy, The Neochat Podcast
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A common question asked since we started podcasting about our love for the Habitarium is: How can I use the Habitarium to Earn Neopoints? It’s a great question and gives us an opportunity to talk about the things we find so enjoyable about Professor Milton Clodbottle’s Habitarium.

Like many things in Neopets, spending more time playing is the best way to earn more Neopoints. The good news is that your P3s will do most of the work for you!

Start a Habitarium

Haven’t started a Habitarium yet? You can start yours at Neopets from this link:

The Neopets Habitarium FAQs are a great place to start learning more about how to play. Visit: and click on “Habitarium.”

In addition to the information at Neopets, there are lots of fan guides on how to set up and play with your Habitarium. Here are several that we have found useful:

However, to answer the question posed above, we are going to skip basic game play, which you can learn about from the sites above. Instead, we are going to share some ideas of what to do with your Habitarium once it is up and working – how to make it fun and profitable.

Having Fun with the Habitarium

Make your Habitarium Unique! Like customizing your Neopets, designing the look of your Habitarium is a fun way to be creative. Using the resources gathered by your P3s you can purchase structures, decorations and ink to add to your layout. For those with access (and Neocash), the NC Mall offers some additional decorations you can add to spiff-up your Habitarium.   NC items are mainly just for decoration, they do not help you earn more Neopoints.

Feeling bored with your Habitarium? One way to make it more exciting to re-design how it looks. You can’t change the landscape, but you can move your structures around, repaint them, replace decorations and generally give it a face-lift… every week if you want to.

Interact with Other Players! The Habitarium has some features built-in to provide an interactive element to the game. Using the bar on the bottom of the window, you can invite your friends to play, view your Neofriend’s Habitarium, give gifts, help out and even raid them! Raiding can be fun (or annoying if done too often) but can only be initiated when your Neofriends are off-line. Don’t want to be raided? Leave your Habitarium going all the time!

One side effect of having a high-level or max level Habitarium is that your storage units are constantly full (more on that below). One nice way to interact with other players is to go on the Habitarium Board and make new Neofriends. You can then gift your friends wonderful items like un-built Hospitals and Barracks. You’ll make someone’s day and open space in your storage units as you buy new items for your P3s to keep working. Remember: Don’t Beg for Items – gifts are just that, a gift and should not be asked for, only given and received freely.

How to Earn Neopoints with the Habitarium

Like anything on Neopets, the more work you put into it, the more Neopoints you get out of it.

First, you need to level up (and up and up). You will gain more P3s as you move up levels and with every level up, you will earn more and more Neopoints. The fastest way to level up is to keep your Habitarium up and running as often as possible. You can minimize the screen and have it running in the background, but the more time you have it running the faster you will move up levels.

Balance your P3s. Have enough soldiers to fight off invaders (or raiders if your Neofriends can’t resist), but not too many. Soldiers won’t gather any experience-point-earning resources. Have enough nesters to keep a supply of eggs on hand – a full workforce of P3s will earn you more points. To make the most Neopoints, keep most of your P3s as workers to maximize their point earning potential.

Check on your P3s. If you are leaving your Habitarium up and running, you will need to check on it several times a day to make some adjustments. The biggest is making sure your P3s get a periodic restorative rest. Putting P3s into houses, hospitals or barracks will fill up their health/hunger/tiredness bars. Once they are rested, move them back out and back to work. Make sure to upgrade your structures when the opportunities become available, as this will provide more space for P3s to sleep, more room to store materials and faster nesting times.

You will also need to check on your storage units. In order for your workers to gather (make points for you) they need somewhere to take the materials. To make more storage space you can 1) upgrade your buildings; 2) buy additional buildings and throw them away (you can delete them from your Item Bag) or give them away; or 3) remove full storage units and throw them away (you can do this by moving them into your Item Bag and then deleting them using the “x” in the corner of the icon). You will then need to replace these units with fresh ones purchased in the store. Tip: buy the units first and store them up as a way to use up materials, then they will be ready to move into your Habitarium when it comes time to switch out storage units.

Once you have reached the maximum level (currently level 50), you will begin to earn Special Gems. At the current max level, these gems are worth 500 NPs!  If your Habitarium is healthy and you have plenty of P3s collecting resources, you could earn a gem as often as every10-15 minutes— that’s 2,000-3,000 NP every hour.  Now imagine how many NP you could make if you played all day. . . Collecting these gems is fun and very rewarding!

We love to play the Habitarium and we hope that some of these ideas will increase your enjoyment of this great Neopets game too!

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  4. Lu-Lu says:

    Great article. I’m only just now starting to take the Habitarium more seriously. Seems like an awesome way or earning NPs.

  5. im level 50 now at habitarium im so excited for the new levels to come .. do anyone know when will the new level will be release.. tnx please reply to my neopets account arista_aquata__7..
    Thanks and Best Regards

  6. i have one more question about neopets… why cant i put any item or structure at one of the ege of my habitarium? before i can put my storage there at the edge, but in some reason when i accidentally move my structure and try to put it back on the edge i can no longer put it on the edge. How Can i freely move my item on the edge …
    Thanks and Best Regards

  7. Great info. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident
    (stumbleupon). I’ve book marked it for later!

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    Very helpful Thank you!!

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